Stir Crazy Cooking School offers a wide range of short training courses to help you or your staff develop your culinary skills and creative flair. We our short courses are in depth and challenge participants to work beyond their comfort zone so that they reach a new level of understanding regarding food preparation and planning

Our professional chefs impart their wealth of knowledge and experience while they demonstrate recipes, encouraging participants to perform tasks with renewed energy. Certificates of completion may be offered for all training courses on request.


Our Basic Training Course is a hands-on participation class where we teach the basics of cooking, tips and tricks in the kitchen, and the secrets to making healthy and nutritious meals for families. The key to setting students up with the necessary skills to perform well in the kitchen follows two basic principles:
  • Building confidence in and around the kitchen
  • Providing them with a good foundation of basic cooking skills

This course provides hands-on training using a variety of tried and tested recipes to put into practice in your own homes.  Students are taught basic hygiene, how to use equipment correctly, and the correct techniques and cooking methods used to prepare delicious meals.  On completion of the course we issue a certificate of competency. On average it takes four 4-hour sessions for you to obtain the confidence and the ability to work independently in the kitchen.

This 4-day course is designed for people with limited experience in the kitchen and is ideal for domestic workers, au pairs, or students.  Cooking classes are intimate and kept to a maximum of 12.




The Intermediate Skills course is aimed at foodies and cooks wanting to take their cooking skills to the next level. The course focuses on advanced tips and kitchen shortcuts, as well as recipes that challenge the use of knife skills, timing, presentation and balancing nutrition.  Each day participants work with the chef to test and sample new flavours, ideas and get to work with unusual and out of the ordinary ingredients to prepare delicious meals.  Each day progresses onto more challenging and interesting recipe combinations and participants work to creating their own 3-course menu at the end of the course. Please note – this course is suitable for people that have reasonably accomplished cooking skills. 


I can’t rave about the intermediate cooking course enough. What an adventure.  I was looking for a course that would expand my family-feeding repertoire and develop my cooking confidence.  Not only did the course do that, it opened my eyes to a new ways of thinking about food and cooking. I feel as though my food world has opened up.

– Janet Barker – 


Bread and bakery products constitute one of the most popular items in the consumer’s shopping basket. We all love the smell of freshly baked breads, and there’s nothing nicer than tucking into a loaf of freshly baked bread straight out of the oven. This two-day course teaches the art of bread making, including classic b reads such as Ciabatta, Sourdough, Panini and other interesting breads such as Challa, Lavash and Naan. The course also include how to prep, store and use pre-made and ready-made pastries and doughs.

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Pastry chefs are the scientists of the kitchen, and baking requires patience and precision. This short course offers an opportunity to better understand of the chemistry involved in creating and baking pastry doughs and mixes.  We prepare French delicacies like croissants, puff pastry, choux pastry, croissants and shortcrust pastry. We also teach you how to make custards for Pastei de nata, compotes, glazes and syrups to compliment your pastries. If you’re passionate about the science of baking or the art of dessert decorating, this 2-day course is a must.

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