Nov 2019

Wüsthof Knives


We work with Wüsthof Knives and recommend these knives in our Knife Skills Class, cooking – and training classes. Are you using the right knife? Here are some Wüsthof Tips and Recommendations:   When it comes to slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping fresh veggies, wielding the right knife makes the task easy, efficient and enjoyable. [...]

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Aug 2019

Frsh Fsh!


  IF IT SWIMS LIKE A FISH... People have often asked me why salmon is good for you, and besides the logical answers that fish is high in protein and natural oils, there are a few other interesting facts about salmon. Fish and shellfish are nutrient-dense and salmon is no exception. It is an [...]

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Sticky Fingers


FANCY SUM DIM SUM? We'll give you something more to lick than just your fingers.  Although Dim Sum is regarded as 'finger food', you'll need to practice a little with chopsticks to get these treats into your mouth. Dim Sum is a collection of amazing little treats such as crispy wontons, potsticker dumplings, duck pancakes and other delicacies steamed [...]

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Jul 2019

Spice it up!


  IS CURRY YOUR THING?   When we speak curry, we don't just speak heat, but rather focus on all the facets that make a great curry - the unusual ingredients you find in Asian curries, the myriad of spices in Indian curries and the mildness of South American curries.    We'll also bet that you [...]

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Playing with Fire


  PLAYING WITH FIRE   When the weather is this cold the best way to thaw things out is to play with fire. And there are more ways than one to get the heat on. Each of these courses features a little bit of fire in their own way: The Mastering Meats course focuses [...]

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Jun 2019

Hot and Sexy…


SPICE UP YOUR LIFE WITH THESE HOT WINTER COURSES: here's 'hot' and then there's 'Haute'...! Our courses somehow feature both, so choose which would suit you the best. Chillies have been proven to do everything from reducing inflammation in your body to helping your immune system function better. This makes them an ideal addition to [...]

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May 2019

Fresh Bread + Free Recipe = Love!


  THIS MONTH WE FOCUS ON BREAD AND BAKING Since launching our Artisanal Breads class we've had many requests to add other similar classes to the mix - and so we have! We now offer a range of courses that will excite any baker from novice to professional, single sessions to week-long courses. Choose from [...]

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How to…Tenderise Meat!


Tenderising meat is not advisable as it is better to serve it as it comes.  And if you’re buying meat from a decent butcher, it should not need tenderising.  However, if you are in a situation where you need to tenderise meats quickly, there are a few tips for doing so: Beat the meat: meat [...]

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We’re Bringing Sexy Back!


3 COURSES TO MAKE YOU DROOL There's nothing as sexy as a beautifully plated gourmet dinner placed in front of you. If you have ever watched Masterchef, you will know that great food is eaten with the mouth and the eyes. A dish that doesn’t look appealing takes away from the dining experience.  Food [...]

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Let’s Get Cosy!


Bring a friend and join us for a fun evening out! Learning, cooking and eating! May is officially the start of winter and although we've had a bit of rain to wet the ground, it's been nothing significant as yet. This means that the weather temperatures are still quite warm in the evening (what a weekend [...]

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