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19 11, 2019

Wüsthof Knives


We work with Wüsthof Knives and recommend these knives in our Knife Skills Class, cooking – and training classes. Are you using the right knife? Here are some Wüsthof Tips and Recommendations:   When it comes to slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping fresh veggies, wielding the right knife makes the task easy, efficient and enjoyable. [...]

Wüsthof Knives2020-10-19T09:14:27+02:00
13 08, 2019

Frsh Fsh!


IF IT SWIMS LIKE A FISH... People have often asked me why salmon is good for you, and besides the logical answers that fish is high in protein and natural oils, there are a few other interesting facts about salmon. Fish and shellfish are nutrient-dense and salmon is no exception. It is an excellent [...]

Frsh Fsh!2020-10-19T09:14:27+02:00
13 08, 2019

Sticky Fingers


FANCY SUM DIM SUM? We'll give you something more to lick than just your fingers.  Although Dim Sum is regarded as 'finger food', you'll need to practice a little with chopsticks to get these treats into your mouth. Dim Sum is a collection of amazing little treats such as crispy wontons, potsticker dumplings, duck pancakes and other delicacies steamed [...]

Sticky Fingers2020-10-19T09:14:27+02:00
27 05, 2019

How to…Tenderise Meat!


Tenderising meat is not advisable as it is better to serve it as it comes.  And if you’re buying meat from a decent butcher, it should not need tenderising.  However, if you are in a situation where you need to tenderise meats quickly, there are a few tips for doing so: Beat the meat: meat [...]

How to…Tenderise Meat!2020-10-19T09:14:27+02:00
7 11, 2018

Enhancing a meal with a palate cleanser


So what is a palate cleanser exactly?  It’s not a complicated concept but before we get to that I’ll just explain how the tongue works which will help in understanding why a palate cleanser is useful. The taste buds on the tongue have receptors which are stimulated by what we consume.  The receptors send signals [...]

Enhancing a meal with a palate cleanser2020-10-19T09:14:27+02:00
30 10, 2018

I gotsa Mise en Place


“He who fails to plan, is planning to fail – Winston Churchill” There are many things that I don’t know about food and cooking and I actually hope that I never do; I don’t want to live a life where I know it all, that’s no fun.  What I do know pretty damn well though [...]

I gotsa Mise en Place2020-10-19T09:14:27+02:00
23 05, 2018

Rub Shoulders with Famous Chefs


We've added a new cooking classes to to push your culinary inspiration. Each month we'll be hosting a world-class chef or celebrity chef at the Cooking School, where they'll expose you to some of their kitchen secrets and know-how's of cooking. Our first Chef's Table course features Cheyne Morrisby from Cheyne's Restaurant, Hout Bay. Cheyne has firmly [...]

Rub Shoulders with Famous Chefs2020-10-19T09:14:29+02:00
19 07, 2017

Cape Town’s ‘Controversial’ Winter Specials


I recently read a post on Cape Town magazine listing the new 'highly rated' restaurants that were launched in the past 12 months.  I counted 85 in total, of which I have only personally sampled 8! The Western Cape (now rated as one of the world's top food destinations) is regarded as heaven for adventurous [...]

Cape Town’s ‘Controversial’ Winter Specials2020-10-19T09:14:29+02:00
7 10, 2016

We’re back….


So, what's different, you ask? Ok.  So we took a little break from posting creative and inspirational stuff about food, restaurants, chefs, opinions and stuff that most people do during their leisure time, and which always involves food in some form. For us, its work, but we still love it. And most importantly, we're back, so [...]

We’re back….2020-10-19T09:14:29+02:00
7 10, 2016

Food Trucks – Upward Trend or Fading Fad?


In the last few years, it seems as if food trucks have taken over much of the trendy food scene in Cape Town, in particular at festivals, open streets and gatherings. A lot of food trends come and go but some are timeless. Food Trucks have been around for ages (think construction sites, late night [...]

Food Trucks – Upward Trend or Fading Fad?2020-10-19T09:14:29+02:00