26 05, 2020

Easy and Quick Pantry Meal Recipes


Ingredients are becoming more and more expensive, and the mere thought of going out to buy ingredients to make a ‘mediocre meal’ can be a bit daunting. Let us ease that burden for you with our Stir Crazy recipes that are quick, easy and involve things you probably already have in your pantry or [...]

Easy and Quick Pantry Meal Recipes2020-05-26T15:22:21+02:00
29 04, 2020

Growing Produce from your Kitchen Scraps


Food is expensive and all the lovely dishes we create at Stir Crazy require money to buy fresh and good quality ingredients. And money is getting harder to come by in these economic times. You will no doubt agree that your grocery shopping usually takes up the biggest chunk of our salaries every month. However, [...]

Growing Produce from your Kitchen Scraps2020-05-05T10:16:27+02:00
15 04, 2020

Becoming A Better Bread Baker


The sweet-smelling aromas, the messy hands, the playfulness of carving shapes, plaids and getting creative is one of the best parts of bread baking. You see, baking bread is fun and should not be viewed as stressful because you want to get the perfect lift in your oven. You can improve your skills and become [...]

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2 04, 2020

Hosting a Virtual Dinner Party and Staying Connected


We want to inspire you to host a virtual dinner party and stay connected with us at Stir Crazy Cooking. The party never ends if you are a born cook/entertainer and love hosting dinner parties with friends and family or just like having some people over for a good catch-up over a nice meal enjoyed [...]

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19 11, 2019

Wüsthof Knives


We work with Wüsthof Knives and recommend these knives in our Knife Skills Class, cooking – and training classes. Are you using the right knife? Here are some Wüsthof Tips and Recommendations:   When it comes to slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping fresh veggies, wielding the right knife makes the task easy, efficient and enjoyable. [...]

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13 08, 2019

Frsh Fsh!


IF IT SWIMS LIKE A FISH... People have often asked me why salmon is good for you, and besides the logical answers that fish is high in protein and natural oils, there are a few other interesting facts about salmon. Fish and shellfish are nutrient-dense and salmon is no exception. It is an excellent [...]

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13 08, 2019

Sticky Fingers


FANCY SUM DIM SUM? We'll give you something more to lick than just your fingers.  Although Dim Sum is regarded as 'finger food', you'll need to practice a little with chopsticks to get these treats into your mouth. Dim Sum is a collection of amazing little treats such as crispy wontons, potsticker dumplings, duck pancakes and other delicacies steamed [...]

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27 05, 2019

How to…Tenderise Meat!


Tenderising meat is not advisable as it is better to serve it as it comes.  And if you’re buying meat from a decent butcher, it should not need tenderising.  However, if you are in a situation where you need to tenderise meats quickly, there are a few tips for doing so: Beat the meat: meat [...]

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7 11, 2018

Enhancing a meal with a palate cleanser


So what is a palate cleanser exactly?  It’s not a complicated concept but before we get to that I’ll just explain how the tongue works which will help in understanding why a palate cleanser is useful. The taste buds on the tongue have receptors which are stimulated by what we consume.  The receptors send signals [...]

Enhancing a meal with a palate cleanser2020-03-11T13:25:25+02:00
30 10, 2018

I gotsa Mise en Place


“He who fails to plan, is planning to fail – Winston Churchill” There are many things that I don’t know about food and cooking and I actually hope that I never do; I don’t want to live a life where I know it all, that’s no fun.  What I do know pretty damn well though [...]

I gotsa Mise en Place2020-03-29T11:31:53+02:00