There’s nothing as sexy as a beautifully plated gourmet dinner placed in front of you.
If you have ever watched Masterchef, you will know that great food is eaten with the mouth and the eyes. A dish that doesn’t look appealing takes away from the dining experience. 

Food plating and presentation are central to our training programme for yacht chefs, as they need to present the best food in the most attractive manner. We focus on creative and thoughtful plating as integral to everything we do, and we have three great events this week to enhances both the look and taste of your food.  Come and join us at:

Jackie O’ lunch – Thursday from 13h00
Plating and presentation class – Thursday from 13h00
Pop-up Dinner – Friday from 18h30



Authentic Italian

Come and create proper Italian recipes that will make your mouth water. 
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Date: Tuesday 16th April – 18h00
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Mastering Meat

Learn to braai, grill and fry meats like a boss.  Learn to prepare various kinds of meats from a master meat guru.
Date: 23rd-24th April – 09h00
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A compass of Indian Cooking

Book one, two or all four sessions on our travels around discovering the flavours of india – the ideal winter course!
Date: Tuesday 23rd April – 18h00
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Everyone loves sushi! In this class you create loads of sushi favourites and a few new tasty ideas to try at home. Easy, delicious and ‘all-you-can-eat’!
Date: Thursday 25th April – 18h00
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Celebration week – Cake Decor

Master Patisserie chef Julie Willer guides you through the creation and decoration of a ‘celebration cake’ that will wow you and your friends!
Date: Friday 26th April – 09h00
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Each week we feature a new delicious recipe from our collection for you to try at home. Most are easy to prepare, delicious and will change your mind about trying something new.

This Authentic French Onion soup recipe is the best we’ve created (and tasted!) and ideal as a winter warmer as a whole meal or a starter.  To get your copy click the link below.




The key to your setting your domestic worker up with the necessary skills to perform well in the kitchen follows two basic principles:

•    Empower them by building confidence 
•    Provide them with a good knowledge of basic cooking skills 

This course provides hands-on training using a variety of tried and tested recipes to put into practice in your own homes.  Students are taught basic hygiene, how to use the equipment correctly and the correct techniques and cooking methods used to prepare delicious meals.  

COURSE DATE: 27-30 May (4 days)
TIME: 09H00 – 13H00
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If you’ve read this far, we have a treat for you.  This week only we’re offering our loyal clients a special discounted ticket on Jackie O’ for R350 per person. (Normal Price R499)

This includes a delicious 3-course lunch on a Superyacht in the waterfront (including wine!).
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