Our Masterchef Teambuilding events are a fun way to break the ice and get your staff members and colleagues into a neutral zone where everyone can have fun, interact, and enjoy themselves while creating a spectacular meal guided by professional chefs.

All our cooking sessions are hands-on, and we pride ourselves in creating the best experiences for your staff and colleagues. Besides being creative and inspiring, our Masterchef Teambuilding sessions are a whole lot of fun. You can choose to have a relaxed bonding session with your team or you can get the knives out and compete for a top Masterchef prize and accolades from your colleagues. How you set the event up us entirely up to you, and we’ll be there to assist you all the way. 

All our courses are social, interactive gatherings where people learn to combine authentic ingredients in a working kitchen environment to create a tantalizing and varied meal.  It’s a perfect environment for year-end functions or a teambuilding exercises.