Stir Crazy specialises in training galley chefs seeking an easy access point to start a life travelling the world on Superyachts or smaller vessels.

Good galley chefs are in great demand on private and charter yachts, and we’ll expose you to some of the world’s more exciting and interesting careers using cooking as your passport to entry. Our course teaches students to plan and prepare meals in a confined spaces, using minimal utensils and few key ingredients. We change the way you work with food, highlighting new ways of thinking, planning and presenting first-class cuisine. It’s the ultimate learning experience and a unique travel passport for people looking to work on yachts.

Classes are limited to 5 people to provide a personal training experience. 

The course is a competency certificate course.  Stir Crazy is a registered with the SA Chef’s Association for training. The course is not an MCA UK (Ship’s cook) certified course.



It’s an ultimate learning experience that provides a unique travel passport for younger people. This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning basic galley skills for travelling or up-skilling to a better position on board a yacht. Good galley chefs are in great demand in merchant ships and charter yachts and we’ll expose you to some interesting techniques, tips, tricks and short-cuts to provide you with the experience to expand your horizons as a galley chef. You’ll learn to think differently about food prep, prepare meals in a confined space, using minimal utensils and few key ingredients. Competency Certificate course.



Each month Stir Crazy trains students to become Galley Chefs on Superyachts.  The students run through a rigorous programme to get them up to speed to prepare food on yachts that expect the best cuisine available for their owners and guests.  At the end of the course, we host a gala dinner to show off their skills and to celebrate the end of the Superyacht Culinary Training Course.

The dinner is hosted at the Stir Crazy Cooking School, and students assisting the Head Chef as sous chefs in the kitchen in preparing a delicious dinner.  To participate in this exclusive evening event, please book below.