DIY Biltong Made Easy 

Preparation Time 60 minutes
Cooking Time 0 minutes
Standing/Marinating 20-24 hours
Serves 4-6 portions
DIY Biltong made easy
1kg good beef cut (or venison if you have available)  1/4 cup of whole coriander seeds (these will be roasted in a pan then crushed and applied just before drying) 
¾ cup White distilled vinegar ¾ cup  2 tablespoons of raw brown sugar (optional) 
¼ cups Worcestershire Sauce (optional)  other optional ingredients: paprika, cayenne pepper (for spicier biltongcrushed dry garlic, any other herbs and spices that you want to experiment with. 
2 tablespoons coarse sea salt (to personal taste) 
2 tablespoon black pepper (to personal taste) 
4 tablespoons of ground coriander powder


  1. Cut the beef into flat strips of about 1 inch deep by 2 inches wide. Cut the strips with the grain and if possible (and desired)leave a thin strip of the fat on one side. The fat will dry out nicely and add to the taste.  Note – if you like larger pieces of biltong you can do leave the cuts up to 10cm wide by 2cm deep. 
  1. Mix white vinegar and Worcestershire Sauce into a large flat dish deep enough to cover the meat strips. Lay the strips in the vinegar mix for 2-4 hours to absorb and begin the curing process. When finished this initial curing remove the strips and squeeze and pat dry. You can keep the vinegar/water mix for rinsing the strips later. (See Step 4) 
  1. Mix the spices (excluding the ground coriander seeds) and layer onto the bottom of a dish or plastic container that is large enough to lay the meat flat. Stack the spiced strips on top of each other with a layer of spices in between each.  Press spices into the strips. Set aside to cure for 6 – 24 hours. The longer you leave it the more the meat will absorb the salt, pepper, coriander – i.e. if you prefer a more natural taste then leave the meat in the spices for less time.  We left this batch for approx. 6 hours. 
  1. Remove the spiced strips from the dish and rinse in the vinegar/water mix from 2 above. Most of the spices on the outside of the meat should rinse off. Squeeze or pat dry.  Leave more or less of the spices to your taste.
  2. OPTIONAL – add cracked coriander seeds. We believe this makes the best, most authentic biltong but is certainly not necessary. Lay the meat down and apply the coarse ground coriander seeds to the outside of the meat in sufficient quantity to stick to the strips.
  3. Apply hooks to one end of the strips.You can justbend open metal paper clips for the hooks, but you can also buy a pack of 100 Plastic biltong hooks from a butcher or plastic shop. Hang in your biltong box or dehydrator. Depending on the thickness of the biltong, drying method, climate, and taste preference it should take from 3-6 days for the biltong to be ready for eating. During this time, you can gently pinch the pieces to check for dryness and/or cut off pieces to sample to check for readiness.
  4. Remove from your Biltong box once done to your liking.   Never store in a plastic bag unless vacuum. 

Steps to make biltong snap sticks:

  1. Cut the strips into about a 1,5cm wide, soak in vinegar/Worcestershire for about an hour, squeeze dry and brine in your salt/pepper/coriander/sugar spice mix for about 4 hours or longer). 
  2. Rinse some of the spices off then place the meat into your biltong box or dehydrator. 
  3. You can also use your oven, set at the lowest temperature (usually around 75c) with the door cracked open an inch to allow airflow. 
  4. The biltong sticks take less time to dry so check their progress at regular intervals and take the sticks out when they are dry (can bend but not break – i.e. not too brittle). 
  5. You can use a dehydrator at a temperature setting of 130. Depending on the width of the sticks it takes from 6-12 hours. Using your oven can be as quick as 4 hours.