A combination of recipes from the warmer climates, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan. Pacific Rim cuisine, or pan-Asian food, is fast becoming one of the more popular choices for eating styles in Western Civilizations. The proliferation of Asian delicacies into Western culture, for example, peanut sauces, rice noodles and lemon grass, are no longer limited to the shelves of Asian markets or specialty stores.

Recipes are simple and easy to prepare, resulting in delicious foods using exciting and flavourful ingredients that make up the bold and vibrant cuisine of South-East Asian cooking that addresses all four of the palate’s principal taste elements – sweet (sugar, fruits, sweet peppers), hot (chillies), sour (vinegar, lime juice, tamarind) and salty (soy sauce, fish sauce) – usually simultaneously. The assault on the entirety of one’s tasting faculties is irresistible. The dishes excite the olfactory sense as well with aromas and scents-basil, coriander, lime leaf, garlic, lemon grass, ginger, cumin, turmeric and coconut-combining and recombining in subtle variations, creating stimulating and enchanting flavours.

Recipes may include:
Chiang Mai Noodles
Chicken Panang curry
Indonesian fried rice (Nasi Goreng)
Indonesian Prawn curry
Japanese Deep Fried chicken with seaweed
Japanese Miso Soup
Japanese Soba Noodles with mentsyu
Japanese Vegetable tempura with dipping sauces
Thai Beef with red pepper and pineapple
Thai Dim Sum Money Bags
Thai Mee Krob
Thai Squid with Mango and Peanut Sate
Thai Tom Kha Gai
Malaysian Chicken curry with peanut sauce
Panang Curry Paste
Red Curry Paste
Singapore Chicken and Pumpkin Laksa
Singapore Noodles
Vietnamese Green paw-paw, chicken and fresh herb salad
Vietnamese Spring rolls
Yellow Curry Paste