Dim Sum

Dim Sum


Dim Sum, meaning ‘Heart’s Delight’, make up many of the great lunches served in Chinese restaurants around the world.


Dim Sum includes amazing little treats such as crispy wontons, potstickers, duck pancakes, and other delicacies steamed to perfection and served hot with delicious dipping sauces. During this course, we share some of the best traditional dim sum, as well as a few modern variations. Join us for this new food trend flavoring everyone’s taste buds.

Recipes may include:
Black and White Sesame Wonton Crisps
Cashew Potsticker Dumplings
Dim Sum Dipping Sauces
Fish Balls with Shredded Wonton Coating
Five Spice Chicken Lemongrass Dumplings
Little Szechuan Chicken Steamed Buns
Money Bags
Peking Duck Breast Pancakes
Potsticker Dumplings
Prawn Firecrackers
Prawn Wontons
Salmon Pesto Parcels
Spinach and Mung Bean Dim Sum
Steamed Chicken and Shiitake Dim Sum Buns
Steamed Shiitake Dim Sum Buns
Sui Mai dumplings

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Dates & Times:

[Waterfront] 18 December 2019 (18h00 – 21h30), [Waterfront] 21 January 2020 (18h00 – 21h30), [Waterfront] 7 February 2020 (18h00 – 21h30), [Waterfront] 4 March 2020 (18h00 – 21h30), [Waterfront] 26 March 2020 (18h00 – 21h30)


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