Baking & Cake Decorating

//Baking & Cake Decorating

Baking & Cake Decorating


This course is all about creating your own beautiful cakes, baking them and then decorating them with a professional touch.

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After baking a cake as your canvas you will learn how to colour fondant, cover your cake with it and make basic ornaments like frills, bows, roses and other interesting designs. This course is for everyone who loves sweet treats – prepare yourself for a treat!

We’ll be preparing:

  • Vanilla Cakes
  • Sugar syrup
  • Buttercream filling
  • Fondant covering/rolling, smoothing, perfect fondant finishings
  • Royal Icing pipe work
  • Fondant bows and flowers tips and tricks

Additional information

Date & Time

Fri, 5 Apr: 09h00 – 13h00


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