When the weather is this cold the best way to thaw things out is to play with fire.
And there are more ways than one to get the heat on.
Each of these courses features a little bit of fire in their own way:

The Mastering Meats course focuses on the preparation of all types of meats, including game, free-range meats, cured meats and how to prepare and cook them. Yes, the course includes making fires and standing around looking at the flames for ages, but that’s part of the process. In the end, you’ll enjoy meat cooked in a number of different ways.

Our Korean Cooking Inspiration class works with various unique herbs and spices that flavour natural ingredients into unique flavours only found in Korean recipes, including very unusual noodles and presentation techniques. The flavours speak for themselves – some fiery, some not, but always a fantastic taste delight.

Our upcoming Moroccan Magic Class works with fire in a different way. Moroccan cooking was traditionally done straight on the fire using Tagine dishes and grills. These days we use the same tagine dishes and fire up the flavours with the same spices and flavours found in Morocco.


Artisan Breads

Looking for a new challenge? We cover a large variety of popular breads in this hands-on course
Date: 23rd – 24th July – 13h30
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Mastering Meats

Join our seasoned chefs who share the secrets and skills behind slow cooking, smoking, barbecuing, grilling and various other techniques
Date: 31st July – 18h00
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Korean Cooking Inspiration

Explore how Korean cuisine has evolved through a complex interaction of the natural environment and different cultural trends.
Date: 1st Aug – 18h00
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Intermediate Skills Course

Perfect for the accomplished home cook looking to take their cooking skills to the next level.
Date: 30th July – 2nd August – 13h30
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South Africa Cooking Safari

We create sensational meals from local fare, including mixtures of flavours from Cape Malay, African and South African cuisine.
Date: 5th August – 18h00
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Authentic Italian Cooking 

We have carefully selected the best Italian recipes for this course, including delectable pasta sauces, home-made gnocchi and Osso Bucco. 
Date: 6th August – 18h00
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Zucchini Souffle

Perfect for winter.  Serve as a starter, a savoury snack or as a delicious light lunch.