Congratulations to all those people who completed the Argus Cycle tour on Sunday.  The weather was not the greatest we’ve seen for a while but most people managed to finish. Well done!

Speaking of which, we’re not really sure if winter has arrived early or if we’re still going to get some warm balmy summer days.  Either way, we’ve structured some classes for you to suit both warm and cold conditions. Our Dim Sum course in early April will certainly get things steamed up, while our upcoming Low Carb and Plant Based course takes on everything from cold to hot. Take a look at our new courses which have been posted on our website.

Have you started watching the new Masterchef series yet?  If not, its always worth looking at, particularly the Australian version which adds a little more credibility to the experience than the South African or UK versions. If you’re already immersing yourself in the experience, why not try it for real?  Stir Crazy offers hands-on teambuilding classes as corporate events, so rally up the troops and come and have some real fun ‘off the couch’.


We have a few places open on some of our courses this week.

Our vegan course takes a few ordinary recipes and turns into spectacular dinners that everyone can enjoy.

This class illustrates that you can still have a rich and exciting vegan diet filled with delicious dishes.

The New Style Tapas class is tapas with a twist. Think of tapas as ‘starters’, then think about starters that you’ll get at a top restaurant. Then think about how you can put them together yourself and eat them all afterwards… Get the idea?

Our popular Artisanal Breads class is coming up again next week and we only have a few places left on the course. On this course we tackle Sourdough breads, Focaccia, Challa, Lavash and Naan.  Whatever you make, you get to take home with you. 

If you haven’t done the knife skills course yet, here’s the perfect opportunity.  We’re running this course in the evening next week, so get your groove on and sign up.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about knives as well as create a delicious 3-course meal for dinner. The perfect evening win-win.

Happy Cooking!