In the last few years, it seems as if food trucks have taken over much of the trendy food scene in Cape Town, in particular at festivals, open streets and gatherings. A lot of food trends come and go but some are timeless. Food Trucks have been around for ages (think construction sites, late night snacks and harbor corners) but only recently have they entered the mainstream as a ‘gourmet’ meal option. Food trucks now provide an array of eclectic, gourmet options for relatively cheap prices, and the quality of the food is generally good.

With the recent resurgence of food trucks, mobile cuisine has gained respect and become popular with everyday working class and foodies alike. Moving beyond just theme parks and food festivals, these businesses are starting to become a financial force within the food industry. The movie Chef, directed by Jon Favreau, really sensationalized the food truck mentality. It embraced the struggle and desires of a chef that wanted to reach people through his food in any way possible. The movie also highlighted the use of social media to share locations and fuel public interest, and a trend was created.

Fortunately, it seems that this trend isn’t going to be slowing down and time soon, and food trucks are now the preference for some working folk. Think about it. Food trucks are quite genius. The time it takes to get a table in a restaurant, order, eat and pay your bill sometimes exceeds the limited amount of time we have for lunch. They’re convenient, well prepared, quick and affordable and mostly offer lots of healthy options. Supporting this is the food truck’s reputation in delivering good consistent food – they don’t stand the risk of selling you something you won’t come back for. So, would you be more comfortable buying your next lunch from a modern food truck or your corner café?