Set yourself up for cooking success and avoid yet another kitchen disaster by learning about our Chef’s favourite kitchen tools you should have.

Having and using the right equipment means that you can prepare food effortlessly and you also save time.

We have compiled a basic checklist to equip you with the right kitchen tools to assist you in creating your culinary masterpieces that look professional every time. Quality prep time ultimately boils down to the quality of tools you make use of and just simply makes cooking more enjoyable.

The question then remains, are you using the right tools?


  1. Wusthof Knives 

The key to any chef’s armory is using the correct knives. We have been working with top quality knives since inception and it just makes the task so much simpler. Yet everyone has their own preferences. Wusthof Knives offer a huge range of knives to suit everyone’s needs and you can select whichever is most suitable for your style of cooking. The only way to take your cooking to the next level is the quality of the blade you have in your hand.

Wüsthof even has a chef’s knife with holes in the blade. This not only looks nice but also has a function. The air in the clefts and the holes act as an anti-stick coating between the knife and the food. The ridge (wiper) on the Wüsthof chef’s knife pushes the cut food away from the blade.

wusthof knives


Essential Wusthof Knives in our Chef’s kitchen:

Paring Knife – This all-purpose knife is the ultimate essential in your kitchen toolkit for peeling fruits, veg and small intricate detail work like deveining shrimp or cutting small garnishes.

Utility Knife – This knife falls somewhere between being shorter than a chef’s knife and longer than a paring knife. It’s essential for slicing meats, bagels, chopping vegetables and general kitchen tasks when no other knife will do.

Chef’s Knife – This multi-purpose knife is the ultimate chef’s essential tool, as it can be used for mincing, slicing, disjointing large cuts and more.

Knife Sharpener – Just like having essential knives in your kitchen, maintaining them form part of having the best tools in your kitchen. Knife sharpener’s do exactly as they describe, they sharpen your knives and remove, cleanly file or perfect the cutting edges on the steel blades of blades.


  1. Tweezers or mini pliers

    A tool that you’ll never regret purchasing. Essential for removing bones from fish, plating delicate items and removing items from a plate without messing up your presentation.

  2. Microplane

    This tool is essential for grating various food items, such as nutmeg and cheese, and as zesters for citrus fruit.

  3. Mandolin

    A mandolin is a kitchen tool no one should be without. It will speed up your prep time and uniform slicing. This tool helps speed up your cooking time, when making gratins, slaws, French fries and virtually anything.

  4. Drum Sieve

    A drum sieve is used to strain liquids or sift and strain dry ingredients and are essential for removing lumps in dry ingredients and unwanted particles in liquid ingredients.

  5. Bottle Opener

    Because we are always cooking with wine!


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