May 1 is officially the first month of the winter season and our winter vegetable garden is starting to glow with the onset of a little mist and cooler weather over the past weekend, which bodes well for a decent crop leading into winter. Where possible, we try and grow our own produce for our cooking classes, using sustainable produce and ingredients from local sustainable and organic suppliers.  

In the pic above you’ll notice lemongrass, butternut, artichoke, garlic chives, spinach, celery and pak choi reaching out to the winter sun this morning. These veggies and herbs are essential ingredients for this week’s winter classes, which include A compass of Indian Cooking, the popular Dim Sum course and our recently launchedPizza Evening to keep you warm and inspired. 

Take a look at our featured classes for the next two weeks. 


Tastes of the Mediterranean

Explore the different flavours of the Mediterranean, from countries like Spain, Greece, France, Morocco, Portugal and Italy.
Date: Thursday 2nd May – 18h00
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Ultimate Patisserie

Create decadent textures and tastes like vanilla pastry cream, flaky puff pastry, chocolate ganache and eclaires in our Ultimate Patisserie class.
Dates: 4, 11, 18, 25 May – 09h00
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Perfect Pastas

Learn to make your own fresh pasta, ravioli, lasagna, tortellini and more from scratch!

Date: Friday 10 May – 18h00
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Mastering Meats

Everything you need to know about deboning, filleting, preparing and cooking meats, meat stocks and glazes, tagines and roasts.
Date: Thursday 9 May – 18h00
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Travelling through Thailand

A three-session course covering the Islands, the Plains & Central Thailand, creating dishes like Chang Mai Noodles, Panang Curry, curry pastes and street food starters. 
Date: Tues 30 Apr, 7 & 14 May – 18h00
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Basic Kitchen Skills

Perfect for students, au pairs and beginner cooks – create easy-to-prepare, healthy dishes, learn knife skills and kitchen survival tips.
Dates: 6, 7, 9, 10 May – 09h00
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Pop-Up Dinner – Friday 24th May

At the end of each month we host a pop-up dinner for selected guests to experience our cooking school.  The pop-up dinner coincides with the end of our Superyacht Culinary Course Chef Training Programme, and guests can come watch the newly qualified chefs at work, in the kitchen, preparing a delicious 5-course dinner.

Come and see what all the fuss is about and experience a different kind of dining out.

NEXT DATE: Friday 24th  May
TIME: 18H30 onward
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Happy Workers Day on the 1st of May. 
We hope you enjoy the day off.