The month of April is coming to an end and so is our April Special offer. Although March Madness is over we’re still feeling a little crazy and you’ll also be a bit crazy not to take up this offer!

Book 4 or more people on a single class during April and qualify for a discount of up to 25%, i.e. book 4 people or more on any class and get one free booking!

Take a look at our upcoming classes below and check the cooking schedule for additional inspiring and creative hands-on cooking classes.


Knife Skills and Cooking Demonstration

Apply the knife skills professional chefs use in their kitchens.

Date: Wednesday 24th April – 18h00
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Intermediate Cooking Skills

Aimed at foodies seeking to take their cooking skills to the next level.

Date: Monday 29th April – Friday 3 May (4 Days) – 13h30
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Travelling Through Thailand

Discover authentic Thai recipes from the Islands, Northern Thailand and Central Plains.
Dates: 30 Apr / 7 May / 14 May- 18h00
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Tastes of the Mediterranean

Take a flavour trip around the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea

Date: Thursday 2 May – 18h00
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Basic Cooking Skills

Kick-start your culinary skills with our basic skills course.

Date: Mon 6th – Thur 9th May – 09h00
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Confectionery & Sweets

We are in love with candy confectionery – let us show you how.

Date: Monday 29th April – 09h00
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Why do an Intermediate Skills Course?

“I can’t rave about the intermediate cooking course enough. What an adventure!  I was looking for a course that would expand my family-feeding repertoire and develop my cooking confidence. Not only did the course do that, it opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about food and cooking. I feel as though my food world has opened up.

The intermediate cooking course is the perfect course for the cook who can do the basics but wants to learn to cook with more flavour, more tenderness and more variety. I loved that the course is not cuisine specific.

And so much thanks to Jody who ran the course like a master-chef deluxe. He answered my millions of questions without batting an eyelid.  And he effortlessly had me cooking things that I wouldn’t have dreamed I could cook (butternut and sage tortellini from scratch). What a superb teacher.

And thanks to Stir Crazy from my family too, who just last night relished a deep fried calamari starter and ostrich with red wine jus, tenderstem broccoli, grilled shallot and baked potato main. ”
 – Janet Barker

NEXT DATE: Monday 29th April – Friday 2 May
TIME: 13H30 – 17H00
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The Stir Crazy Team