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May 2019

Fresh Bread + Free Recipe = Love!


  THIS MONTH WE FOCUS ON BREAD AND BAKING Since launching our Artisanal Breads class we've had many requests to add other similar classes to the mix - and so we have! We now offer a range of courses that will excite any baker from novice to professional, single sessions to week-long courses. Choose from [...]

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How to…Tenderise Meat!


Tenderising meat is not advisable as it is better to serve it as it comes.  And if you’re buying meat from a decent butcher, it should not need tenderising.  However, if you are in a situation where you need to tenderise meats quickly, there are a few tips for doing so: Beat the meat: meat [...]

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We’re Bringing Sexy Back!


3 COURSES TO MAKE YOU DROOL There's nothing as sexy as a beautifully plated gourmet dinner placed in front of you. If you have ever watched Masterchef, you will know that great food is eaten with the mouth and the eyes. A dish that doesn’t look appealing takes away from the dining experience.  Food plating [...]

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Let’s Get Cosy!


Bring a friend and join us for a fun evening out! Learning, cooking and eating! May is officially the start of winter and although we've had a bit of rain to wet the ground, it's been nothing significant as yet. This means that the weather temperatures are still quite warm in the evening (what a weekend [...]

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Celebrating Mom!


HOW WILL YOU SHOW YOUR LOVE AND APPRECIATION? Mother's Day is fast approaching and time is running out to plan something special to celebrate our beloved mums. For most, their happy place is in the kitchen, and more often than not, they're alone in there. We know this because that is our happy place too! [...]

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Fun Winter Cooking Classes for Everyone


  OFFICIALLY THE FIRST DAY OF WINTER! May 1 is officially the first month of the winter season and our winter vegetable garden is starting to glow with the onset of a little mist and cooler weather over the past weekend, which bodes well for a decent crop leading into winter. Where possible, we try and [...]

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