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Mar 2019

Autumn swing kicks in – what happened to summer?


April comes with a feast of new cooking classes to tickle your fancy.  Although April is littered with public holidays, events and the start of winter sports functions, we've managed to squeeze some cooking classes into wherever we could find available dates.  We've also managed to juggle classes a little so that Big Brother Eskom didn't [...]

Autumn swing kicks in – what happened to summer?2019-03-27T09:39:22+00:00

Healthy? Sweet tooth? You decide.


The new wave is eating healthy foods, and if you look around Cape Town, there are many new eateries that are only serving healthy options. We’ve been offering healthy cooking alternatives for a while and they’re proving to be extremely popular. Our low carb and plant-based course takes a new look at food combinations that [...]

Healthy? Sweet tooth? You decide.2019-03-25T09:10:43+00:00

It’s blowing hot and cold


Congratulations to all those people who completed the Argus Cycle tour on Sunday.  The weather was not the greatest we’ve seen for a while but most people managed to finish. Well done! Speaking of which, we’re not really sure if winter has arrived early or if we’re still going to get some warm balmy summer [...]

It’s blowing hot and cold2019-03-15T14:56:53+00:00