Every good thing starts with a cup of coffee…

It’s part of your daily routine, life force, probably contributes to your mood for the day and at times is your only motivation. Coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a culture, an economy, an art, a science… a lifestyle.

It’s the absolute best thing when you have a barista that knows your usual order and that’s something you can expect with us at the coffee shop.

We source our delicious artisanal coffees with quality coffee beans from top suppliers who provide the finest quality green beans from the world’s best coffee growing regions. This defines their commitment to the superior coffee experience. So now the question is, why should you drink a cup of coffee a day if you aren’t already?


Here are some benefits of drinking a cup of coffee:

  • Cut the Pain – Two cups of coffee can cut post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%
  • Increase your fiber intake – A cup of brewed coffee represents a contribution of up to 1.8 grams of fiber of the recommended intake of 20-38 grams.
  • Protection against cirrhosis of the liver
  • Lowered risk of Type 2 Diabetes – Those who consumed 6 or more cups per day had a 22% lower risk of diabetes.
  • Lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease – There is considerable evidence that caffeine may protect against Alzheimer’s disease


Source: https://www.caffeineinformer.com/7-good-reasons-to-drink-coffee

Coffee is a culture, that is why we love experimenting with new artisanal blends at 2 Minutes Well Spent. Stop by our coffee shop today and get your daily fix today!